Most HMI companies have some type of Certified Integrator Partner program.  Integrators typically take training and (usually) pay a fee to join the programs.  Most larger integrators are on multiple lists and use the certification primarily to come up with leads.  Here are the links for a few of the biggest integrator partner programs:

ICONICS’ Systems Integrator Partner (SIP) and SIP Certification programs provide systems integrators with credentials to identify their company’s proficiency with ICONICS products. Designations allow ICONICS customers and distributors to locate systems integrators with proven ability to develop ICONICS solutions for their applications and efficiently deploy projects. SIP Membership is offered as an annual subscription through local sales channels, and directly with ICONICS in circumstances where there is no suitable ICONICS Channel in the local area

Iconics Integrator Program


InduSoft’s Certified Integrator Program is an incentive driven program open to all System Integrators who recommend and develop automation solutions utilizing InduSoft Web Studio software. The Benefit List below highlights the benefits you will receive as a Certified System Integrator. To become an InduSoft Certified System Integrator, complete the Program application form and you will be contacted by an InduSoft representative.

InduSoft Integration Partners


Invensys Operations Management recognizes that its team of fully-vetted System Integrators are the key to delivering our technologies. Our System Integrator Program comprehensively trains and certifies SIs in multiple levels, providing end-users with an objective quantitative means for measuring the skills of a solution provider avoiding situations where the customer has to pay that provider while they ‘learn on the job’.

Wonderware Integrator Partner’s Program


You can also find an extensive listing of integrators from the website.  If you are looking for a second quote for a job this list may be helpful.



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